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New Member

CME cannot forward call from a call queue

Hi guys, I have another wee problem on my CME


I had 2 phones - call them 4000 and 4001. All working absolutely fine. Mapped to direct lines (eg) 01234 56 4000 and 01234 56 4001

They decided that due to the number of calls for those 2 phones, they wanted a queue system, so I programmed it all up and all working like a peach

However... 4000 cannot forward a call to 4001 - it just says "Unknown number"

Implementation details:

  1. Create extension 3000 (nothing to do with our incoming block of numbers which is (eg) 01234 56 40xx)
  2. Remove 4000 from ephone 1
  3. Create ephone hunt group 5000 with a pilot of 4000 and a target list of 3000
  4. Create queue with aa-hunt1 5000
  5. Create aa app in drop-through mode with pilot 4000
  6. Create dial-peer voice 4000 pots and dial-peer 40000 voip - each of which point to the aa app


Joe Public calls 01234 56 4000

Dial-Peer passes it to aa app

aa app passes it to queue

queue manages the queue, using hunt group 5000

hunt group 5000 passes the call to 3000

Mrs Staffmember answers phone

I've also added voice translation rules so that if Mrs Staffmember calls out, it shows as though she called from 01234 56 4000

Summary: 01234 56 4000 --> App/Queue --> 5000 --> 3000

Very happy with it apart from the problem of receiving a call from Joe Public on 4000 and trying to forward it to 4001 (or vice versa)

By the way, phone 1 can call 4001 fine (and vice versa). Also works if they do a full dial out and in eg 901234 56 4001

4001 is designed exactly the same way as 4000 is

Any suggestions on why this would be?

Thanks in advance


When you say 2. Remove 4000

When you say (2. Remove 4000 from ephone 1 ) so that means you are not calling from 4000 any more , now you are calling from 3000 to 4001. One more thing did you applied 3000 ext number on ephone 1 ?


Your description is little bit confusing , can you attach your config ?




New Member

Hi Manish Yes, I removed the

Hi Manish

Yes, I removed the ephone-dn 4000 from that ephone and then deleted the dn since 4000 became a dial-peer for the aa/queue - I then created the ephone-dn 3000 and added it to that ephone so yes, I am calling 4001 from 3000 which works fine

The only thing which doesn't work is forwarding calls from 3000 to 4001 (either manually, or setting CFwdAll)

Hi, Can you post CME router


 Can you post CME router config , you can remove secure IPs/ Numbers with common IP/numbers.




New Member

I can post a partial with the

I can post a partial with the relevant sections:


! rule to make the caller-ID for dn 3000 display as 4000

voice translation-rule 1
 rule 1 /\(.*\)3000/ /\14000/

voice translation-profile 3000to4000
 translate calling 1


! queue - targets hunt group 5000

 service app-b-acd
  param aa-hunt1 5000
  param queue-len 15
  param queue-manager-debugs 1
  param number-of-hunt-grps 1


! automated attendant

 service aa1 flash0:/cme-b-acd-
  paramspace english index 1
  param aa-pilot 4000
  paramspace english language en
  param second-greeting-time 35
  param drop-through-prompt
  param call-retry-timer 15
  param voice-mail 8887
  param max-time-call-retry 700
  paramspace english location flash0:/cme-b-acd-
  param service-name app-b-acd
  param number-of-hunt-grps 1
  param drop-through-option 1
  param handoff-string aa1


! dial-peer for aa/queue

dial-peer voice 4000 pots
 service aa1
 destination-pattern 01234564000
 port 0/0/0:15
dial-peer voice 40000 voip
 service aa1
 destination-pattern 4000
 session target ipv4:
 incoming called-number 4000
 dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric
 codec g711ulaw


! Number

ephone-dn  101
 number 3000
 pickup-group 2
 label Person1
 description Person 1
 name Person 1
 translation-profile incoming 3000to4000
 hold-alert 30 originator


ephone-dn  102
 number 3100
 pickup-group 2
 label Person1 Line 2
 description Person 1 Line 2
 name Person 1 Line 2
 translation-profile incoming 3000to4000
 hold-alert 30 originator

! ephone

ephone  12
 mac-address 0123.4567.89AB
 ephone-template 1
 type 7961
 button  1:101 2:102


! Hunt Group

ephone-hunt 1 sequential
 pilot 5000
 list 3000
 statistics collect



This is obviously repeated for numbers 4001, 3001, 3101, and hunt group 5001


I had expected that if a person receives a call on 4000 (which is actually 3000 by the time it comes to her), she could forward the call to 4001 - which would then be handled by the corresponding aa/queue for 4001

Three changes i will

Three changes i will recommend and then you can test a call.

1. Map service queue to tcl file this

service app-b-acd flash:app-b-acd-

2. Set ephone-dn 101 and 102 as dual lines.

3. Set call forward and transfer pattern under telephony service.


When you call directly from internal ext to 3000 and its call forward all set to 4001 , does that works ?





New Member

The CME is 8.6 so it already

The CME is 8.6 so it already has the queue built in. I can try using the external v2.1.2.3 tcl script but is that not the version which is now built in anyway?

I did try setting them as dual lines, but then the queue doesn't work - since dn 101 would be a dual line (2 lines for extn 3000) the queue wouldn't initialise as it thinks there's still a free line to use

I'll try the internal call to 3000, with 3000 forwarded and let you know

Do not transfer/forward call

Do not transfer/forward call to other aa/queue(4001) when you receive call on 3000 but to some other ext let say 4002. Let me know the result.





New Member

Okay, this is getting

Okay, this is getting stranger...

On 3000 I set CFwdAll to 4001. I then dialled 4000 internally from 4002, and after the greeting message 3000 still rang

On 3000 I then set CFwdAll to 4002. Dialled 4000 from 4003, got the greeting message, but phone 3000 still rang, and CFwdAll came off all by itself. I repeated the tests but it did it again