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CME - CFNA fails when call is deliver to a DN via options on an IVR Script


I have just upgraded a CME system to 4.3 / IOS 12.4.15ZX2 and I was hoping it would resolve an issue I had with 4.1 however it hasn't

When a PSTN caller dials in to CME they hit our IVR Script - This IVR was created using Stonevoice IVR Manager - for example the caller presses option 1 then option 1 again and this delivered to DN 7275.

7275 has CFNA and CFB to 7272

In the event DN7275 is busy the PSTN caller is send to 7272 however if CFNA occurs the caller hears ring back and when the timeout occurs the ring back stops and nothing else occurs.

Has anyone come across this issue before, or do you have any advice on how I could troubleshoot this issue?

FYI CFNA is working when a PSTN caller dials the DDI of 7275 its only when the call goes through the IVR.




dial-peer voice 1017 voip

description *** IVR DN5257 ***

service script1

destination-pattern 5257

progress_ind setup enable 3

progress_ind progress enable 8

progress_ind connect enable 8

max-redirects 5

session target ipv4:

incoming called-number 5257

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad

no supplementary-service h450.2

no supplementary-service h450.3



service script1

param msgLevel14 NONE

param selection33 7217

paramspace english index 1

param msgLevel15 NONE

param alert_time 15

paramspace english language en

param selection21 7204

param selection22 7284

param selection23 7266

param selection24 7295

param selection25 8600

paramspace english location

param msgLevel1

param selection11 7275

param msgLevel11

param selection12 7283

param msgLevel12

param selection31 7263

paramspace english prefix en

param selection13 7297

param msgLevel13

param selection32 7263

param selection14 8600



Re: CME - CFNA fails when call is deliver to a DN via options on

What happens when you take out the "non supp h450.2"?

What is your telephony-service config?

Community Member

Re: CME - CFNA fails when call is deliver to a DN via options on

I identified the cause of the problem.

If the CFNA timer on the first phone (7275) was greater than 15 secs the call failed. With a timer of 15 seconds or less the call was forwarded fine.

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