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CME/CUE syncronization question / problem

I have installed several CME/CUE sites and always encountered a problem with the synchronization feature in CUE.  When I do a sync and select the users to add that when they are added that their user profile in CUE does not have their first and last name correct.  I have found that I need to go into each user and retype their first and last name so that the dial by name feature works from the AA.

Here is a sample of the ephone-dn  and ephone that I use on the CME.

If someone can tell me a better way to do this so that I do not have to go in and edit every users account I would really appreciate it.


ephone-dn 62 dual-line

number 4307 secondary 7574664307

pickup-group 1

label (757) 466-4307

description Vacant 70

name Vacant 70

call-forward busy 1000

call-forward noan 1000 timeout 25

corlist incoming user-domestic

ephone 62

mac-address 64A0.E714.570F

ephone-template 1

username "vacant70" password password

paging-dn 140

type 7942

button 1:62

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