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CME: Different ISDN TON for CFA depending on origin

Hi all,

I have a problem with call forwarding on CME. So a user puts just configures their phone to forward all calls, and enters the (external) number, prefixed with a 0 for an outside line, as is the custom here. This works fine when a colleague then calls, the call is forwarded over the ISDN line without a problem, the number translated internally to drop the extra 0, and going out with Plan: ISDN and Type: Unknown. This works as expected.

However, when an external caller calls this phone, CME again tries to forward to the same number. It all matches the same dial-peers and everything, the only difference is, that now suddenly it is being sent out as Plan: ISDN and Type: National. Because there is still a zero in the phone number, this is invalid, and we get a message from the telco that the number is not in use.

If we would enter the CFA number without the extra 0, it would work externally, but not internally anymore. Is there any reason why CME changes the TON in this case? And how would you go about changing it, without breaking anything else?

Thanks in advance!

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CME: Different ISDN TON for CFA depending on origin

hy don't you create 2 different translation patterns for calling and called number to manipulate the numbers and info when the forwarding happens?

You make sure the CME force the outgoing number for calling and called to be what the telco expects it to be not accepting what is sent or system defaults.

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CME: Different ISDN TON for CFA depending on origin

I changed the config from

voice translation-rule 21

rule 1 /^0/ //


voice translation-rule 21

rule 1 /^00/ // type national national

rule 2 /^0/ //

and that seems to work. However, I'm still puzzled why CME uses a different TON depending where the call originally comes from.

CME: Different ISDN TON for CFA depending on origin

In your case I think the CME is passing thru what came in by default

Voice CCIE #37771
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