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cme dss with fxo trunk

hi everyone I just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing what I am with this feature. I have a cme 4.1 and have a voice port connecting to pstn via a vic-2fxom1 card. The voice port is configured with a corresponding ephone dn (dual-line with huntstop channel to allow call xfers) that shows up as a trunk on all my ip phones so users can press the corresponding line button and dial out directly etc. that part works just fine. the other buttons on my phones are configured as monitor buttons for other system extensions (with dss enabled). these work fine as well, i can press a button and it speed dials the extn if it is idle. Likewise, I can xfer internal calls by just pressing the desired monitor button (as intended with the sevice dss command). However, when a call comes in via the fxo port and I answer it and attempt to transfer it by just pressing a monitor button the call just drops. Ironically, I can transfer calls from the fxo without problems by doing a regular transfer (trnsfr > enter extn > trnsfr > hangup), but for some reason the monitor button transfer doesnt work for incoming calls to the fxo. another interesting point is that calls initiated from the cme to the fxo can be transferred to other phones with no problems using the dss feature! very strange indeed! any advice would be appreciated!

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Re: cme dss with fxo trunk

Which exact IOS are you using ?

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Re: cme dss with fxo trunk


The image is called:


Thanks for the quick reply btw!

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