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CME - Moving office


My office is relocating so I need to change the config of my CME router to reflect the new phone numbers. I will say what I propose to do and can you guys please let me know if i'm doing this right and if I'm missing anything...

Background: My offfice is moving location so our phone numbers are changing, however, all that;s changing is the first 3 numbers of the DDI range, the local area code is NOT changing and the last 3 digits (out of 6) are also to stay the same and these correspond to the local extension numbers which also will remain the same...

existing phone number XXXXX(local area code) 720XXX

New number XXXXX 770XXX

When we move the network/CME to the new location nothing will change internally, there will be the same type of ISDN (E1)phone line in with the same amount of channels. The only difference will be the calling phone number. What I propose to do is bascically change the CME router config to reflect the new phone number, so using "find and replace" in a text editor find "720" and replace with "770" as this is the only parameter that will change.

Is this the right thing to do and am I missing anything?

I will save the current config before I make a change. One more point is that I have two analog backup lines, these will have different (incoming) numbers, but as they are only used as backup for outgoing calls then i think the change in these numbers will be irrelavent.

I have been quoted $2500 for this, but I'm certain this a lot of money and I want to be able to do it myself. However if you guys say that it's a lot more invloved than this then I will have to get a consultant in.

Any input appreciated



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Re: CME - Moving office


the asked fee seems excessive. Do you it yourself and if any problem, ask here.

Then, do something meaningful with the saved money :)

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