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CME phone keeps ringing

Strange problem:

All calls that come into this location are setup to ring the receptionist phone (Cisco 7960). If no one answers this phone, the ephone-dn is set up to forward the call to another phone. The receptionist phone will also ring during this rollover. The problem is if someone else answers this forwarded call at another phone, the 7960 continues to ring. The receptionist has to reset her phone in order for this to stop.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this??



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Re: CME phone keeps ringing

Hi Chris,

just few questions in order to better understand your problem:

1)does the problem present only with this Phone/DN?

2)does the problem present only with voip-to-voip call or also with call coming in from PSTN?

3)Can you post the configuration related to this DN and sh ver?

Try a reload (cme reload) if you can

(it's not a scientific solution but sometimes it fixs the problem)

If it fixs and the problem should appear again

in the future upgrade the software version of the CME!


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Re: CME phone keeps ringing

The customer is only having this problem on this on phone.

They see this problem with both voip-to-voip calls and PSTN calls.

Attached, you will find the output from "sh ver".

Also attached, dn 10 is the dn that keeps ringing.

DN 80 is the DN that rings when a call is incoming.

DN 20 is the DN that these calls will roll to if not answered.

On the phone in question, DN 10 is on button 1. DN 80 is on button 2 and DN 20 is on button 6.

I will try a reboot and see if that helps.



Re: CME phone keeps ringing


so basically, the operator phone still thinks that it has an incoming call. i had similar issues with a cme connected to a PBX. initially we thought it was the PBX and signalling issue. it wasnt and was actually fixed by accident. i upgraded to 12.4 image i think at that time it was 12.4(3e) and that fixed the issue.

if reboot doesnt help post the relevant debugs , ccapi, vpdn signal and maybe we can see whats going on.

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Re: CME phone keeps ringing

Yes it is of course a signaling problem due to, in my opinion , a strange configuration.I don't know your network phone

and the feature your customer wants but

you forward the call to a DN that is in the same call pick up(during roll over phone keeps ringing because is in the same call pick up) creating a vicious circle!I think when some one else answers the call on DN 20,

call pick up signaling goes down but still remain call signaling to DN 10 (with number 1295) which isn't in the call pick up group 10!

This of course is wrong!

you can try to look for something similar in the tac case collection, open a new case or to make up a configuration trick to avoid the problem and respect what customers want.

(for example put DN 10 in the call pick up group 10)


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