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CME PLAR Configuration Assistance


I am in need of some assistance in clearing the fog I've created in my brain as it relates to configuring PLAR functionality within CME.  I am under a timing constraint.  The site where these lines normally ring has to be evacuated tomorrow due to construction.

There are two analog trunk lines (B1s) that when an analog phone is plugged into them, and the device goes off-hook (no digits dialed) our local 911 center answers.  Similarly, if the 911 center goes off-hook on their end of these lines, it will ring the attached phones.

We've been asked to bring in our CME system, and replicate this functionality, within the next 12 hours.

The goal is to connect those lines to our existing CME via two available FXO ports.  When calls come in, the system should answer and immediately ring an internal extension, which is an analog station.   Similarly, we want to be able to go off-hook on one of those same analog stations, and ring the 911 center.

Might anyone have a configuration example (including fxo, fxs and dial peers) that would do this?

voice-port 0/1/2 is analog station 3, desired to be tied directly to voice-port 1/0/16 analog trunk 1 for two-way plar function.

voice-port 0/1/3 is analog station 4, desired to be tied directly to voice-port 1/0/17 analog trunk 2 for two-way plar function.

We are running IOS 12.4(15)XZ - ip voice.   We attemped to configure stcapp for PLAR but with no success - spent nearly 6 hours trying to work through this along with making other preparations.  I intended to provide a paste of our current, pertinent configuration, but forgot to capture it when I left the site this evening.  I will provide the current config if needed, but I'll beg your indulgence to offer assistance with what limited info I've provided so far. 

Prompt replies very MUCH appreciated, and I will gladly post what ultimately becomes the gold configuration in hopes that it may help someone else who suddenly needs to do this, as have been.

Thank you in advance!

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CME PLAR Configuration Assistance

Seeing the port configuration would be the big thing.   Another thing that would help would be a basic drawing outlining the call flow.

One other thing as a sidenote.   I've seen these connections from both sides.   At our 911 center we have two wire dry circuits from the telco that act as a point to point connection between us and some sites around the area.   First providing that your telco will supply the lines and second that your local 911 center accepts these types of connections - this may be an alternative.   Basically one end goes off hook the other end rings - simple PLAR.   The advantage is these lines don't depend on your phone system's resources being availabe to make the call out and on the 911 center's side your call isn't dependant on a CAMA trunk being free.

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CME PLAR Configuration Assistance

Thanks for your input.   Apparently, a little sleep helped tremendously.  Simple plar is exactly what we were dealing with, but I still had to get an offhook status internally to match to an outbound dial-peer...

It was the outbound dial peers that weren't getting matched (was matching dial peer 0 last evening).   After a bit of rest and strategizing - I was able to walk through each call leg with a clear head and monitor the results in debug to see what was going on.

FWIW, here are the pertinent elements in the event anyone else might find these tags in the future:

!!! Analog trunk ports - plar to match internal extn 

! connected to admin lines (non emergent)

voice-port 1/0/14

connection plar 115

voice-port 1/0/15

connection plar 116

! connected to 911 ring-down lines (emergent)

voice-port 1/0/16

connection plar 117

voice-port 1/0/17

connection plar 118

!!!  Cause the two analog station ports to dial extn 33 when going off-hook

sccp plar

voiceport 0/1/2 dial 33

voiceport 0/1/3 dial 33

!!! dial peers for outbound call legs

dial-peer voice 95 pots

descr analog trunk port 1 (admin rotary)

pref 2

destination-pattern 9.T

port 1/0/14

dial-peer voice 96 pots

desc analog trunk port 2 (admin rotary)

pref 1

destination-pattern 9.T

port 1/0/15

dial-peer voice 97 pots

desc analog trunk port 3 (ringdown to PSAP)

pref 1

destination-pattern 33

port 1/0/16

dial-peer voice 98 pots

desc analog trunk port 4 (ringdown to PSAP)

pref 2

destination-pattern 33

port 1/0/17

I think that covers everything.   Thanks again afmmanicke for your response!  

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