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CME question

I'm kind of new to CME and have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I have a UC 520 (CME) and have a shared ephone-dn 50 (ext 100) on multiple phones. The ephone dn is configured as dual line. The problem is that when I get two incoming calls on this ephone dn, the third call follows busy treatment (ext 150). I want to increase the number of calls that can be answered by this line. There are additional ephone dn's configured with the same Ext. 100 that show up as part in the overlay section of the ephone itself. I'm not sure I fully understand how the overlays work and if I can get calls to roll up to those ephone dn's. I noticed there is a command to use instead of dual-line that is Octo that should allow eight calls per line but this is not available in my version.

Can anyone help me understand how to correct this?




Re: CME question


Can you post the relevant parts of your config?


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Re: CME question

Actually, I think I figured it out. There are 5 ephone-dn's configured with different preferences. Each of these ephone-dn's has the command huntstop and no huntstop channel configured. All phones have the following config on button 2:

button 2c50,51,52,53,54,55

This should allow 5 consecutive calls to these dn's right?

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