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CME Question

Hello @ all,

we use the command "no forward local-calls" to forbid that internal calls are transferred. The Internal caller here a busy tone, it is possible that the internal users here a free tone or break the call forward, so that internal users can reach the internal phone?

Thanks Joerg


Re: CME Question

Hi Joerg,

You could use "call-forward pattern" command instead of "no forward local-calls" to specifically restrict what patterns calls forwards are allowed to.

For example, if you only want to allow call-forward to local 4 digit extensions, specify:

call-forward pattern ....



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Re: CME Question


thanks for that tip, but this is not what we need or I understand that function not correct. What we loocking for is that external calls are forwarded to a attendant phone and internal calls are not, if we use the no forward local-calls command the internal users hear a bussy tone instead of a free tone

I open for any changes on my config what i have uploaded.

Thanks for help joerg

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Re: CME Question

Hi, can you restate your goals in different words, making an example perhaps ? I cannot really understand what is that you want to do.

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Re: CME Question

Hi Joerg

Did you found a solution for that problem? I have also customers, which likes to have this funtion like you do. Forward external calls to the attendant and normal ringing for internal calls.

The no forward local-calls does work like it is written in the command reference, but this is not what customer like:

Command Reference

Usage Guidelines

When the no forward local-calls command is used in ephone-dn configuration mode, internal calls to that ephone-dn are not forwarded if the ephone-dn is busy or does not answer. If the ephone-dn is busy, the caller hears a busy signal.If the ephone-dn does not answer, the caller hears a ringback signal. The call is not forwarded even if call forwarding is enabled for the ephone-dn.

In my opinion the function should work like:

External calls are forward, internal should ring or still better user should have the possibility to choose between ring or forwarding to another extension than external calls. I think this is possible with the Callmanager (not express).



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Re: CME Question


no we found not a solution, You are right it is possible only with CCM.

Regards Joerg

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