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CME & Remote Teleworker Sites

Hi All,

I've been playing around with CME and having remote phones that register over the WAN. It seems to work pretty well, except it has some limitations.

i seem to be able to force the remote phones to always use g.729 when calling to the PSTN or calling other phones (specifying the codec on the ephone), but when they dial into CUE they always use g.711.

Is it possible to force g.729 over the wan and then transcode to g.711 into CUE?

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Re: CME & Remote Teleworker Sites

Yes it's possible, that is called transcoding:

Please see:

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Re: CME & Remote Teleworker Sites


Thanks for the reply.

Not exactly what I mean though. Transcoding works because I can call out to the PSTN.

Because the remote phone registered over the WAN to CME, it still thinks that Unity Express is locally connected so it wont try and use g.729 over the WAN and then transcode to 711. It will simply use 711 over the WAN, which eats up about 92k of bandwidth as opposed to 40 odd.

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Re: CME & Remote Teleworker Sites

hi paul,

can u pls give some configuration detail i have to register some phones over WAN to CCME.


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Re: CME & Remote Teleworker Sites

In the remotes sites, just make sure that dhcp configuration contains the TFTP address as the one of CCME. If this cannot be done, configure the phone for static address and TFTP.

On CCME, configure as a regular ephone but add mtp and codec g729.

If no NAT/FW issues, that is all the necessary.

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Re: CME & Remote Teleworker Sites

i will give you the exact idea.

i have two routers one 2800 and 3800.

3800 is at main site and 2800 at remote branch.

now what i want is to make phones at remote branch(2800) to register at the main site(3800). and all calls should go through main site(3800)router for that we have a lease line between these routers of 128kbps. i have proper connectivity between two sites as i can reach all IP address in other side.

your suggestions will be highly regarded.

now the phones are getting up at remote branchas if i give them the TFTP of the local router(2800)but what i want is for the phones to get lines from main we dont have E1 here.

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Re: CME & Remote Teleworker Sites

Well as I said before you just put the phones in the branch office and power them. If the TFTP address on the DHCP server is right they will register at main office CCME. Config the ephone as above mentioned. 128K is very little so remember con configure rtp compression on the serial interface if you have them.

There is nothing else to do.

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