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CME router - Delayed call transfer problem

We implemented the work-around mentioned at the following link to fix the Delayed call transfer problem and that is now fixed, but since then we have created two new problems:


The two new problems after making the changes to fix the delayed transfer problem are:


Problem 1.

Internal IP Phone to IP Phone no problem, but external PSTN phone to IP phone intermittently results in one way audio. This is generally noticed when external PSTN phone calls an internal IP phone, but may happen also when an internal IP phone calls an external PSTN phone.

Problem 2:

When an external PSTN phone and an IP phone are in a conversation and if the call is transferred to another IP phone the call will altogether drop.

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Re: CME router - Delayed call transfer problem

c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-15.T3.bin is the image running.

Forget to mention in teh base entry that the intermittent frequency is about 1 failure in about 12 calls.


Re: CME router - Delayed call transfer problem

Problem 1 - Problem could be a bad PSTN circuit or channel or a bad channel on one of your DSPs.

Problem 2 - Try the following commands under telephony-service. This is assuming you're using 4 digit internal dialing and the leading digit is 2. Adjust accordingly.

transfer-system full-consult

transfer-pattern 2...

You may also want to re-enable h450.2 and h450.3 and add supplimentary-service h450.12 to see if that helps the call transfer problem.

voice serv voip

supplementary-service h450.2

supplementary-service h450.3

supplimentary-service h450.12


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Re: CME router - Delayed call transfer problem

Other than debug isdn q931 - what other debug commands can I use to troubleshoot this problem.

Since it is very intermittent, what show commands can I keep doing to troubleshoot the problem.

Any pointer to any troubleshooting links will also help.


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