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CME-Shared Line Configuration

With CME 4.0, if I have 2 phones and DNs configured as follows:

ephone-dn 1 dual-line

number 101



ephone-dn 2 dual-line

number 102

ephone 1

type 7970

button 1:1 2:2

ephone 2

type 7941

button 1o1,2

If the person on ephone 1 is on line 1, that button lights on ephone 2. However, if the person on phone 1 picks up line 2, the button on phone 2 doesn't light (because it is the secone DN in the overlay). Is there any way to make the button light up on ephone 2 when the person on ephone 1 picks up either line?



Re: CME-Shared Line Configuration

To associate ephone-dns with individual buttons on a Cisco Unified IP phone and to specify line type or ring behavior, use the button command in ephone configuration mode. To remove an ephone-dn association from a button, use the no form of this command.

When monitor mode is set for a button with a shared line, the line status indicates that the shared line is either idle or in use. The line and line button are available in monitor mode for visual status only. Calls cannot be made or received using a line button that has been set in monitor mode. Incoming calls on a line button that is in monitor mode do not ring and do not display caller ID or call-waiting caller ID.


Re: CME-Shared Line Configuration


Replace the "o" with an "c" in the button command. C stands for call-waiting.

Put the "call-waiting ring" keyword on the ephone-dn. So the phone rings again when someone is on the call.

You may run out of channels if someone is on the line, so you can have multiple ephone-dn's like this: This will allow the person to transfer the call is someone is using the other channel.

ephone-dn 2 dual-line

call-waiting ring

number 1234

hold-alert 90 originator

Do the same for ephone-dn 106, 107, 108, 109 and 3.


ephone 10

mac-address 0019.55DB.509F

button 1c108,109,2,3,106,107 2:23


You may need huntstop channel and "no huntstop" on that line.

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Re: CME-Shared Line Configuration

You can also use the button 1m which creates a monitor button, see below: -

m-Monitor mode for a shared line. Visible line status indicates whether the line is in-use or not. Monitored lines cannot be used on this phone for incoming or outgoing calls.

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