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CME Shared Line problem

Hi Guys,

I am trying to enable two users to monitor a third extension but also be able to pickup calls for that extension when it is unanswered.

So i have 3 extensions A,B and C. Phones b and C have phone A as a shared line appearance on their phones and set to monitor. The problem at the moment is that when phone A rings and there is noan, phones B and C get a visual indicator simultaneously as would be expected. After a few seconds, phone C will stop ringing and B would continue, then they would swop therefore B will stop ringing and C will start again. It is almost as though the call is being passed between the two extensions and eventually it will drop into voicemail.

Is there a way for phones B and C to monitor phone A as well both of them have the ability to pick up the call at the same time. Below is the config :

ephone-dn 15 dual-line

number A

pickup-group 10


description 02070164848


call-forward busy B

call-forward noan B timeout 10

corlist incoming call-Services

ephone-dn 84 dual-line

number C

pickup-group 10




call-forward busy 7000

call-forward noan 7000 timeout 12

corlist incoming BasicServices

ephone-dn 10 dual-line

number B

pickup-group 10




call-forward busy C

call-forward noan C timeout 12

corlist incoming call-Services

I have tried creating an ephone-hunt group with phones B and C in them, but for some reason they are unable to pickup each others calls even tho they in the same hunt group. I also tried using voice hunt groups but the IOS is 12.4(15)T so does not support this feature yet. Is there a quick fix around it without upgrading the IOS ?


Re: CME Shared Line problem

Hi there,

You will need to use the overlay feature on the phones that will need to monitor and pickup the calls.

Here's a config example:

ephone 3


ephone-template 1

username "n690"

type 7961

keep-conference endcall

--> button 1:15 2o24,25,26

In this example we have button 1 as a normal extension, button 2 is overlaying (monitoring) DN(Extension) 24,25,26

In my example 24,25,26 ephone-dn dual-lines are setup on the reception phone 24,25,26 all use the same DID, this is just for reception use so they can anwser more then 1 call at the same time, basically it's a hunt channel on those 3 lines.

HTH, Please rate if so



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