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CME to PBX using T1 connection

Good day all!  So this is for 2 things.  First my study purposes and secondly to test CME for this company.  The test router is a 2821 with an VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 and an NM-HD-2VE .  We have an old Comdial PBX that we are currently using.  (This is what will be replaced eventually.)  I have the 2821 all setup to send calls out the PRI side (our t1 is 12 lines so 1-12) but for the life of me I can't figure out what configuration I would need to use for the PBX.  I figured I would just setup the second t1 (1/0/1) with the reset of the lines (13-24) and I should be able to at least reach the other lines. Nothing but busy with the dial pattern 1.. (100 is the extension range for the PBX and 200 is the CME).


I know that's an overlapping dial-plan to the 91[2-9]..[2-9]...... but I get the same results with it removed.  The CME will be holding extensions 2xx and the pbx will keep 1xx.  I basically want the CME to pass all incoming through to the PBX but allow the CME extensions to dial out and reach the PBX extensions.  Can anyone point me in a little better direction?  I have attached a basic diagram.



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Well I got it working.  Was

Well I got it working.  Was missing the (conf-if)isdn protocol-emulate network on the interface going to the PBX.  It's still slow going though.  I'm kind of mucking up my head with the dial-peers.  I'm pretty sure I just keep over complicating things.  The incoming vs outgoing is kind of throwing me at times.  I have the translations all set (incoming calls go to the PBX AA and DID all work) but I still have issues accessing the voice mail system from the IP phones.


Any basic idea's to help me not over complicate the dial-peers?  Another issue is the PBX programming.  These comdial systems appear to use a very basic numbering system and don't appear to have the ability to add outside extensions (although I somehow doubt this) and advise in making the cme "fool" the pbx more? (I think the translations are the key)  Thanks all.

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