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CME voice recorder

Hi guys,

I'm having hard time to make my voice recorder works with CME.

The CME is connected to port 5 on a 3560 cisco switch while the Exacom voice recorder is connected to port 30.

Here is the command i wrote:

monitor session 1 source int gi0/5 both

monitor session 1 destination int gi0/30

The voice recorder is able to recorde only one end of the call. I'm wondering if i need to add certain commands on either the cisco switch, or the CME.

any ideas?

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Re: CME voice recorder

Hi, I think you need the source command for the ports where the phone(s) are connected, not the CME itself.

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Re: CME voice recorder

Well i have tried this option, but it didn't work too.

Personally i think using the source command for CME should be the right one, since not all the phones are on the same switch.

If we assume your option is true, i'll need a voice recorder for every switch.

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Re: CME voice recorder

In fact media for calls going to PSTN are certainly going via CME, while phone-to-phone calls are not, so even tapping the CME port only should work.

You can try connecting a PC with wireshark on the span port to check if you received media in both directions.

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Re: CME voice recorder

Here are 4 scenarios i'm getting.

IP phone to IP phone: detecting the call but recording 0 second

IP phone to analog phone (through ATA186) or analog phone to IP phone: recording both ends for the analog extension and one end for the IP extension

Analog phone to analog phone: detecting the call but recording 0 second.


Re: CME voice recorder

Some voice recorders have a setting to know that they will see both transmit AND receive traffic on the same interface. Most products need two SPAN ports to TWO NICs or have a setting to clearly state that they will be connected to a unidirectional SPAN port.

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