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CME voicemail to a group

I have a CME with 7945 and 7911 IP Phones. All users has enabled “huntstop channel” option to be able to receive one call at the time.

There are 4 ISDN external lines (8 voice channels).

The incoming calls are directed to an Auto-Attendant.

The Auto-Attendant gives options to contact with several sections of the company. Each section is a hunt-group (contains present-call onhook-phone). The final number of hunt-group is a blast-group.

The members of the groups belongs to a group-pickup.

I noticed that blast-group can’t recognized if all the members are busy, in order to give a busy tone.

I want to make voicemails for each section of the company for busy an no answer mode.

How can the blast-group recognize if the users are busy, in order to give a busy tone to the caller?

How can I make voicemail for a group in order to login the members of the group and hear the messages?

Which group should the voicemail be associated? Hunt-group or blast-group?

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