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CME with different Dial peers?

Hello All,

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I am still new to Cisco systems, and VoIP in general. I have a bit of a doozy going on here. What we are trying to accomplish is to have ATA's with different dialing options. Basically we have an intercom system integrated with a VoIP system. Some ATA's have 10 digits so they can dial out and recieve calls. While the intercom portion only has 4 digits, however the intercom can still dial external numbers. Obviously it cannot receive calls though.

As an example;

One site would have 4 ATA's, 2 of which will have 10 digit phone number and the remaining 2 would have 4 digit intercom numbers. So if one intercom handset needs to contact the other intercom handset they would just dial 1001 as an example.

One option would be to have 2 ATA's registered with Call Manager at our HUB while the 2 intercom ATA's would only be registered locally on the CME (Version 7.1). This in not a feasible option as we will have several dozen sites, making it very difficult to manage when we have this many ATA's that are registered. Especially if some sites have more than 4 ATA's.

Is it possible to accomplish without adding all the ATA's to our hub? Possibly with VLANs or ePhone templates?

Thanks in advance,

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CME with different Dial peers?

All that is possible.

If you are the end users, I recommend you ger an UC certified \Cisco partner or person of equivalent knowledge and experience to take care of it for you, as that will save you potential frustration and loss of time and , and will deliver solid and quick results.

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