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CME with FXO

I have a 2801 router with cme and a four ports FXO card, I have a 800 toll free with three lines, any idea on how to configure this type of service?

Is just one telephone number asocciate with 3 physical lines on three port int he cisco fxo card.

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Re: CME with FXO

Under the voice port, configure "connection plar opx XXX" where XXX is the pilot number of the queue service. Queue is configure with "bacd-aa", if you think you don;t need queues, you can configure the pilot for the ephone-hunt directly.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

Re: CME with FXO

Please look into my config.

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Re: CME with FXO

Hi, what problem do you have for which you've sent the configuration ?

Re: CME with FXO

When I call the 800 toll free number thr rings ring goog, the second time ring good, until the three becouse it has 3 lines, but everytime that I finish the call the line stay connect status in the router, until I do a Shut then No shut in the interface.

any idea? I udgrade to the ios version Version 12.4(15)T5

another question FXO just work in analog phone lines? or digital lines?

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Re: CME with FXO

Hi, are you sure the port doesn't go "dorm" after few seconds ? Anyway, expecially when using b-acd/AA you will need to configure disconnect supervision:

The FXO port can be used exclusively with analog pots lines.

If you was to use ISDN BRI instead, you would never have the disconnect problem.

Re: CME with FXO

Yes, this function is configure I make test with all the options in the web page but continues working worng:

Voice card specific Info Follows:

Signal Type is loopStart

Battery-Reversal is enabled

Number Of Rings is set to 1

Supervisory Disconnect is signal

Answer Supervision is inactive

Hook Status is Off Hook

Ring Detect Status is inactive

Ring Ground Status is inactive

Tip Ground Status is inactive

Dial Out Type is dtmf

Digit Duration Timing is set to 1

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Re: CME with FXO

Hi, that is very strange, if you answer the call then hang up the IP phone, the voice port must also disconnect and be ready to take a new call in few seconds. Send output of "show voice-port x/y/x' after you're done talking and have hang up on the IP phone.

Re: CME with FXO

See attach please.

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Re: CME with FXO

Ok, I assume that this happens with the IVR application you mentioned in the other thread, because it's impossible to happen for a normal call to phone, once hang up the IP side, voice-port must go dormant.

Re: CME with FXO

Do you know something about the IVR.

Look the attach the IVR resides on the flash memory. Is the autoattendant.

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Re: CME with FXO

When using IVR, if you don't have disconnect supervision working, the port will remain up if the caller hangs up before connecting to a party.

It will remain so until IVR times out or call goes to an operator that will hear disconnect tone.

Re: CME with FXO

But in this case the disconnect supervision is working and there is a time out (param aa-htimeout 10) in the IVR.

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Re: CME with FXO

I understand, so you would need to take some debugs (vpm signal) to see what is going on.

Note if you use b-acd/aa, you don;t need "opx" on the lines, because the call is always answered (exception when using silent drop-trough mode).

You can also try IOS 12.4(11)XJ4 that is know to have less bugs than others.

Re: CME with FXO

The problem is fixed the solution:

In the voice port use tiem outs like this:

timeouts call-disconnect 0

timeouts wait-release 1

timing hookflash-out 500

connection plar opx 3002

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Dear All,I solved the issue.I

Dear All,

I solved the issue.

I am from Saudi Arabia. I use STC analog lines at my office. And this command under my voice port worked like a charm. Hope it helps


voice-port 1/0/0
groundstart auto-tip
cptone GB
timing sup-disconnect 85
connection plar opx 5999  ==> your AA pilot number
impedance complex5
caller-id enable
supervisory disconnect anytone
no battery-reversal
caller-id alerting line-reversal
caller-id alerting dsp-pre-allocate

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