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cmgr - h323 gateway - sip dial-peer failover


I have a 6.1 cmgr using a H323 gateway. Gateway has sip dial-peers to carrier sip server for primary pstn service. Gateway also has 2 FXO POTS lines. I have the FXO dial-peers set as preference 2.

Yesterday carrier had failures in their network but out calls did not use FXO's.

Is there any way to have call hunt to FXO's if there is a failure in the carrier's sip network such that call can not be made using primary voip dial-peer?




Re: cmgr - h323 gateway - sip dial-peer failover

It is CUCM -- SIP -- GW -- SIP ITSP ?

or like CUCM -- H323 -- GW -- SIP ?

Normally we use RL, and change re-routing flags in CUCM service parameters,

depending the reason for the failure is how CUCM will react.

Let us know

thanks ROb

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Re: cmgr - h323 gateway - sip dial-peer failover

its CUCM -- H323 -- GW -- SIP.

Sorry, I explained setup wrong. There is 1 route list with 2 route grps in it. 1st choice is the h323 gateway; 2nd choice is the fxo (mgcp) ports.

The pref 2 fxo dial-peers are for srst use.

So out call goes to h323 gateway which has voip dial-peer to the sip server. If this is down, want cm to send call out fxo port.




Re: cmgr - h323 gateway - sip dial-peer failover

Did you get a response on this?

i have two routers setup at two sites.

Both primary are E1 connections and they faillover fine.

the one router has a SIP trunk to a GSM gateway and if we fail that router along with the GSM, the backup router takes very long to place a call that was orginally meant for SIP.

ive configured voice class H323 to timeout after 4 seconds so any calls meant for the E1 failover fine, however any SIP GSM calls takes long.

is there any voice class SIP profile commands that can perform the same function so i can apply to the SIP dial-peers ?

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