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CMM module to 3rd party FAX

I have a cmm module that is connected to a 3rd party fax machine's dialogic t1. I have the port emulation network side and sending clock. This port registers to callmanager fine.

I have a crossover T1 cable going from the CMM port to the T1 card on the fax server. When I do a show isdn stat I get layer 1 is up but layer 2 is TEI_assigned.

I started troubleshooting by doing a show controller t1 3/1 there are no errors so layer 1 looks good.

I have tried everything any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: CMM module to 3rd party FAX

Hi Jason,

Have you tried changing the signaling protocol (like NI2,DMS100,5ESS) to match the two systems? What 3rd party fax server are you using? Here are a couple of docs that might help you along;

Good doc provided by Matthew;

Example of Dialogic config;

Hope this helps! Let us know.


Re: CMM module to 3rd party FAX

Thanks for the reply Rob. The product that i'm using is castelle. To finish the thread this ended up being a bug in the IOS. After rebooting the cmm module I ended up getting multiple frames recieved.

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