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codec config

I am connected to a service provider that is using g726.

the customer has a spare pvdm2-32 intalled on the mother board. Can i configure this for Transcoding between g711 and g726? if so does any one have a config on how to do this? also when you configure transcoding or conferencing on the gateway do you always have to register them with CCM?

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Re: codec config

If you use the transcoder for transcoding calls to/from CCM users' phone, you must configured transcoder in CallManager and this transcoder must register with the CCM.

In the router, you can configure the transcoder as follow:

conf t

voice-card xyz

dsp services dspfarm

sccp local


sccp ccm identifier

sccp ccm identifier

sccp ccm group

associate ccm priority

associate ccm priority

associate profile register

dspfarm profile transcode

maximum sessions

codec g711u

codec .....

no shut

Note: In CallManager, the transcoder name must be exactly the same with the configured in the router

By the way, why don't you use g729 instead of g726?

Good luck with your configuration!

P/S: Pls Rate if this is useful for you! :)

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Re: codec config

Ah, I've try to configure but saw no g726 when typing "codec ?" under the dspfarm profile config mode!

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Re: codec config

excellent thankyou.

what does the "voice-card" section refer to?

is this the e1 card I have in the gateway as I am using this already for PSTN connection


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Re: codec config

"voice card" here refers to the PVDM card. It maybe on the mainboard or on NM.

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Re: codec config

thanks again!.

one last question if I may. How can I confirm the number of DSP cards in my gateway (with out removing the lid) I know I have 1 pvdm2-32 and one pvdm2-16 (so two voice cards) but I can't tell this from the show voice dsp voice command?

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