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Combining Voice and Data Routers

Currently use cisco1750 router for voice using ip address Using a cisco1720 router for data and the default-gateway.

Recently purchased a 2801 to consolidate these routers into a single router. Would like to know if this is an acceptable config to use the e0/0 interface to route both voice/data and to register this device as a gateway in CCM 4.1(3).


Re: Combining Voice and Data Routers

Yes it will definitely work. Note that now you have one less device to manage at your site, but you add more complexity into the router and both your voice and data services are now on the same box. If you want to do maintenance on on service, the otehr service could be affected, in case you reboot the router. If you have the money, keep the voice and data services separate but again its a trade off between all the above, that you got to pick.

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Re: Combining Voice and Data Routers

excellent, thank you for the reply. Nothing mission critical here to justify 2 devices. Maintenances are done after hrs so we're good to go.

Thanks again.

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