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Come back from "On Hold"

Is there a way to have a call placed "on hold" ring back after a period of time? I've had a couple instances where the user put a call on hold and forgot they were on hold. If it would ring back after 60 seconds that would be helpful. (Call Manger 5.1)


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Re: Come back from "On Hold"

Hi Chris,

The feature you want is called "Hold Reversion" The bad thing is that this feature is available on CCM 4.2 and not CCM 5.x Have a look;

The Hold Reversion feature alerts a phone user when a held call exceeds a configured time limit. When the held call duration exceeds the limit, Cisco Unified CallManager generates alerts, such as a ring or beep, at the phone to remind the user to handle the call. The held call becomes a reverted call when the hold duration exceeds the configured time limit.

The types of alerts that are generated at the phone for reverted calls depend on the capabilities of the phone device. Cisco Unified Call Manager provides the following alerts when the hold reversion feature activates, depending on the capabilities of the phone and the firmware release that is installed.

The phone rings once or beeps once.

The status line briefly displays "Hold Reversion" for the reverted call at the user phone.

The LED next to the line button flashes continuously on the phone handset, like other alerting operations.

A "wobbling" handset icon displays for a reverted call.

From this CCM 4.2.3 doc;

From what I have read this "Hold Reversion" feature is available on CCM 6.X as well!

Hope this helps!


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