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Conference across multiple Lines

We just rolled out CM 4.2.3SR1 and we really need to be able to conference across multiple lines for our CEO.

So if he is on 8001 and someone calls 8004, he wants to be able to conference them together.

I heard something about this feature being in 4 with a bug but in 6 with no bug. Any ideas what the feature is called? Or what the bug ID was? Can't find it



Re: Conference across multiple Lines

You can use the Join softkey to conference the two parties plus the CEO in a single conference call. As far as i know we use this feature with CM version 4.1(3)and have no issue. Not completely sure if a bug exists with this feature in 4.2(3); you may want to do a bug search on the Join feature.

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Re: Conference across multiple Lines

The join function works perfectly if everyone is dialed into the same line appearance, but does not function on different line apperances on the same phone.

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Re: Conference across multiple Lines

Hi Jeffrey,

The feature you are looking for is called "Join" and should work perfectly for the CEO. Have a look at the following;


Using the Join softkey, a user can join up to 15 established calls (for a total of 16) to create a conference.

Join does not create a consultation call and does not put the active call on hold. To implement Join, choose at least two calls and then press the Join softkey on one of the calls. Join can include more than two calls, which results in a call with three or more parties. Join supports up to 16 participants in a call. To choose an active or held call, highlight the call and press the Select softkey. A selected call has a checked indicator shown next to it on the phone.

The call that initiates the Join gets automatically included, even if not selected. The active call gets included even if not selected.

If all the calls in the join are a basic call, then the call that initiated the join is the primary call. If any call in the join is a conference call (that is, it was in a conference before being joined), then that call is the primary call.

The selected status of the final call after the join depends on the selected status of the primary call before the join. If the primary call was selected, then after the join, the final call remains selected. If the primary call was not selected, then after the join, the final call remains unselected.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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