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Conference and MOH Problem: CCM 4.1(3)

Hi All,

Following is the scenarion:

I have two call mangers one in India and other in Vancouver Canada.

We have set up MPLS CKT between two offices. We have created the intercluster trunk between two CCMs. My phone is configured with two lines 5055 for local India PSTN access and 6400 (DID ext from Vancouver) for calling ext in Vancouver as well as making local Canada calls.

Both are in separate partition. Device pool applied to the phone is having the Region with Codec G.729 within the region. The same device pool is applied to the intarcluster trunk. When we call to the local number in Vancouver (Ext as well as PSTN Number) conversation is proper.

Problem 1: When placed call on hold from ext 6400, other end does hear 3 beeps instead the MOH. While if other end puts me on Hold , i can hear MOH of other end.

Problem 2: CCM server is configured as Softconference bridge. When call to local PSTN number in Vancouver from ext 6400 is conferenced with the ext 6402 (Another ext in India in the same partition), call to local PSTN number from 6400 gets disconnected. Conference is not being established.

Problem 2: Conference bridge is hosted on VG 3845 with DSP resources. Conference parties include ext 6400,ext 6402 and Local PSTN number in Vancouver.

Ext 6400 and 6402 can talk to each other properly. Even person on the Local PSTN number in Vancouver can hear the conversation , but rest of the people can not hear the Voice of person on Local PSTN number in Vancouver.

Following are the details collected form VG 3845.

sess_id conn_id stype mode codec pkt ripaddr rport sport

50335088 47565249 conf sendrecv g729 30 22810 17032

50335088 47565169 conf sendrecv g729 20 17800 25570

50335088 47565217 conf sendrecv g729 30 29244 19464

Need communities help urgently.

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