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Conference and Transfer Restrictions on Analog Phones


I have a Call Manager version 5.1. I am having two types of gateways, two to the PSTN and one to CUG. I have created two separate partitions for PSTN and CUG and put the route patterns in respective PSTN and CUG partitions. IP address details are:

Call Manager IP -

PSTN Gateway-1 IP -

PSTN Gateway-2 IP -

CUG Gateway IP -

I have some analog phones connected to VG224 which is registered with the Call Manager using SCCP. The analog phones are single line phones. I want to call both PSTN and CUG from this analog phone, but at the same time compliant to telephone regulations. If the analog phone called PSTN he should not be transfered or conferenced to CUG and vice versa.

My Plan is like the phone will have access to both the Partitions. I have put a access-list on these gateways restricting RTP flows between them.The phones will be using DSP resources from this gateway. When a call is originated to PSTN, and trying to initiate conference, the calls will get matured, but since the RTP flow is blocked between the gateways, no voice will be heard, and calls will get dropped after RTP inactivity timer. I have configured all these stuff, but the conference is happening between these two networks, even though I have blocked RTP flow.

Can anyone help me finding if my understanding is wrong, and if my thinking is correct how to acheive the same?

Is there any command in the Cisco gateway, where I can see the IP addresses of the conference participants. In the "show dspfarm dsp active" output, I can only see the number of conference participants, but not much details.




Re: Conference and Transfer Restrictions on Analog Phones

External Call Transfer Restrictions feature allows the Cisco CallManager administrator to configure gateways, trunks, and route patterns as OnNet (internal) or OffNet (external) devices at the system level. By setting the devices as OffNet, administrators can restrict the transferring of an external call to an external device and thus help prevent toll fraud.

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