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Conference Calls in CCM CDR!!


I have been examining call scenarios as described in Cisco CDR Definitions documents. I am talking about CCM 4,5,or 6 which I suppose all have the same call scenario.

My question is how can I track conference calls in CDRs? I was able to track transferred calls by inspecting the "joinonbehalfof" and "lastredirectdn" fields. I can identify conference calls by inspecting the "joinonbehalfof" field being equal to "4". But it is pretty hard to track conference call members from a cost/rating perspective as to which party is responsible for the off-net call. I get recoeds in the CDR being called by a conference bridge "b001xxxx" and so on. So I got kind of lost. Is there a recommendation for tracking call length for a conference with many call legs.



Re: Conference Calls in CCM CDR!!

There are phones A, B, C

Phone A calls B.

Phone B answers the call and Presses Conference button, then dials phone C.

Phone C answers.

Phone B presses Conference button again and all there phones are in

conference call now.

This test example generates six CDR records in CDR and six entries in CAR database

Where numbers are:

Phone A called phone B (calling_party_number and final_Called_party_number)

Phone A called Conf Bridge (b00312601001)

Phone B calling phone C

Phone C calling conf bridge (b00312601001)

Phone B calling conf bridge (b00312601001)

Phone B calling phone A

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