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Conference Participants in Meet-Me


In CUCM, we have configured the Hardware and Software Conference Bridges. We have the Meet-Me conference. Can we increase the number of participants more than 8? If we increase the number of participants, how is the resources used from Hardware and Software bridges?

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Re: Conference Participants in Meet-Me


If you are using a software conference bridge, the maximum number of users for a conference can be 128.

Software conference devices support G.711 codecs by default.

The maximum number of audio streams for this type equals 128. With 128 streams, a software conference media resource can handle 128 users in a single conference, or the software conference media resource can handle up to 42 conferencing resources with three users per conference.

if you are using Cisco IOS Enhanced Conference Bridge which uses NM-HD, supports Cisco 2600XM, Cisco 2691, Cisco 3725, Cisco 3745, and Cisco 3660 Access Routers and provides the following number of sessions


G.711 only conference—24

G.729 conference—6

GSM FR conference—2

GSM EFR conference—1

But in this case the Maximum number of participants per conference equals eight.

But if you using PVDM2-16 - Conferencing

with IOS 12.4(24)T3 has new capability for 32 participants per conference. G711 must be only codec in dspfarm profile. Use the maximum conference-participants 8, 16 or 32 command


now whether your harware conference bridge or software conference brigde will be invoked depends :

If all the resources are in a MRG they're used in round robin fashion, if they're in different MRGs and ordered in a MRGL they're used in the order on which they appear

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