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Conference Resources

We have multiple sites connected over RF links and have a centralized voice solution.  We are having delay issues when trying to host conference calls in our centralized environment.  Would decentralizing our deployment help this issue?  If not, does anyone know of conferencing solutions that might help in this type of environment?


Re: Conference Resources

If you have delay, do not try to distribute the cluster. You will face alot of isues if DB replication problem happens.

Sorry for this question, but are you sure there is transcoders in HQ and G729 codec is used to call between regions.

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Re: Conference Resources

Thanks for the reply.  I had not thought about the DB replication issue. 

The problem we have is that we cannot use the single centralized call manager to receive individual voice streams then mix and resend voice streams to all participants. It takes too long for the voice packets to travel to the centralized location and back again (if the call manager is located many hops away from a conference participant)

In fact, to meet the latency that provides a good voice quality, packets from some participants need to go straight to the recipients.

We assume multicast for distribution since it is a conference call

We think a decentralized call (centralized call setup is ok) would work but we do not know if cisco gear right out of the box could be configured to work this way.

The thought we have right now is that voice streams from each participant are multicast to the rest of the group. Each phone would need to mix the streams arriving from other participant for the listener at that location.

We are looking for a voice conference solution that

·         Has decentralized multicast voice with mixing at each participant’s location.  The mixing can happen in the phones themselves or in another localized component (i.e. mixing doesn’t have to be “in each phone”).

·         The scheme CAN use centralized conference control (e.g. H.323, SIP or others). The latency on the conference control signaling is not as critical as for the voice streams themselves. The audio quality of the conference is the paramount concern.

Re: Conference Resources

let tell you what I understood from your previous post.

You have the following parties: A, B, C, and D in different locations, during the conference you need phone A or an conference device located in the same site to multicast to B, C, and D. and B to multicast for A, C, and D......

if it is like this I do not think it is supported by Cisco.

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