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Conferencing a phone without caller hearing ring back

We are looking for a solution - to reach an analog or IP phone where we do not want the caller to hear any ring back until it is answered.

We want the analog or IP Phone to ring so that there is audiable alert for the person to pickup - may be 2 rings at the minimum and then it can auto answer (assuming an IP Phone). Do we have auto answer after N seconds of ringing? We have just one phone that needs to ring. If we put that in a line group and use a hunt pilot would having that an IP Phone with user and network MOH set to silence - would avoid ring back?

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Re: Conferencing a phone without caller hearing ring back

Place the party thta must hear no ringback on hold.

Call the other party.

Confrence or transfer together.

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Re: Conferencing a phone without caller hearing ring back

Actually that's the way CUCM works.

You press conference, the other party listens the network MOH and you get a a new line to dial. Once the other call picks up, you press conference to join the 3 calls.

If they hear the ringback is because you pressed conference before the other party picks up the call.

As for auto-answer there is no timer, if you configure auto-answer the calls as they arrive. If you want them to ring, don't configure auto-answer.



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