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Config Cisco for working with 3com Telephony

Actually the company where i work bought a bussines who use 3com phone, all the traffic pass trhoug one vlan, in the new desing that we are doing the net os beng segmented by vlan, each vlan for servers, another for routers, anothe rfor user on each floor. We had a problem how can i configure the 3com phone to work in that design if 3com suggest to use one vlan for all voice traffic it means that this configure will not work well

switchport mode access

switchport voice vlan 112

switchport access vlan 12

mls qos trust device cisco-phone

spanning-tree portfast

Can one sugges me something


Re: Config Cisco for working with 3com Telephony

Voice vlan would not work with 3com phones as they dont support CDP. Also, using mls qos device cisco-phone would also not work. Both these features need CDP support along with QoS would only work for a device which was detected as a cisco phone. For this to work, you will have to configure the port as a trunk incase 2 different vlans are being used. Else, when configured as access port, you can only support 1 single vlan for both voice and data

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Re: Config Cisco for working with 3com Telephony

hi, thanks can you suggest me what can i config y each port, i dont understand so good that you write.

Also i has nortel phone and this dont work with thant config.

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