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configuring same router as h323 and mgcp protocols on CUCM

Hi all,

I want to integrate a CUCM 6.0 with a Siemen Hipath 4000 PBX. The router is a 3845 router and is already configured on the CUCM using h323 protocol, but not integrated with the PBX yet.

I have two questions:

1) Is it true that h323 does not work with integrating cucm to pbx?

2) I want to integrate the cucm with the PBX throught the same router so that Cisco IP Phones can call Seimen Phones and vice versa. Is it still possible to configure the same router using MGCP on the cucm?

Pls help!


Re: configuring same router as h323 and mgcp protocols on CUCM

I know that I have had customers who experienced issues with getting H.323

to work correctly between Siemens and CM. But that is dated information.

You can run MGCP and H.323 on the same voice gateway. However, if you

configure a voice interface (e.g. t1-pri) as a mgcp endpoint, it cannot also

be an h323 port or member of a trunkgroup in IOS.

Many folks run in a hybrid mode without issue.

In regards to compatibility, interoperability, and associated limitations

between HighPath and CUCM please review this URL:


Lots of good stuff there.




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Re: configuring same router as h323 and mgcp protocols on CUCM

That is correct. The same gateway can be configured as both a h.323 and MGCP gateway in CUCM but the same voice interface cannot be both h.323 and MGCP controlled.

There is some great information on Interop testing and configurations at the below link. The Siemens Hipath is included. You may want to read up to see which integration will work best for what you're trying to deploy.


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