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Confused with needed license to use Presence.

Hello. Is there anybody out there who have gone through a Presence rollout?

I am about to upgrade from Call Manager 4.1.3 to 6.1.1 and integrate Presence server. I am going through the bid process but I am getting inconsistent answers as to what license I need to use Presence. So, I'll have a primary node cucm, a secondary node cucm, and a presence server. I want to deploy Presence only to specific people and not to the whole 1200 users. I am being told that because I need DLUs for my 1200 users and because I have 2 CUCM nodes I need 2400 DLUs' all in all. Each user will use 2 DLUs accordingly. I only want to pilot presence for about 100 users to begin with and I am being told that once I integrate the Presence server, off the bat, I need 2400 DLUs just for Presence, regardless of whether only 100 will be using it. Is this true? I will be rating the response.



Re: Confused with needed license to use Presence.

Here is what you will need:

(1) License for the CUP Node (server license)

(1) DLU per user for enabling CUP

(1) DLU per user for enabling CUPC

(1) DLU per adjunct CUPC client

(3) DLU per non-adjunct CUPC client

So, if a user wants presence features they will require 1 DLU. If they want CUPC they will require 1 DLU for CUPC feature PLUS either 1 DLU or 3 DLU for the actual CUPC client depending on adjunct vs. non-adjunct client.




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Re: Confused with needed license to use Presence.


Thanks for the response. I think I understand a little better. I do have the CUP Node server license. Can you just confirm? Based on my example, if I only want to enable it for 100 users, provide them CUPC, then I will need 100 DLUs for enabling CUP and 100 DLUs for CUPC feature PLUS, if non-adjunct client, 300 DLUs for the actual CUPC client. That is a total of 500 DLUs for 100 users. I don't have to buy DLUs for the other 1100 users for whom I am not providing any presence capability correct? Where I am having difficulty is that I am being told that I MANDATORILY need to buy 2400 DLUs, 2 DLUs for each of my 1200 users, and there is no choice to just do it for 100 or even 300 users only. Otherwise, I won't be able to use Presence at all.


Re: Confused with needed license to use Presence.

I think it depends on the licensing scheme your going with. The old scheme is a license for each feature so if you want MPX, Presence then your need to buy licenses for each. The new scheme ive seen is one license for each user that will cover every thing. This also has different levels. With the basic one covering ccm, cups and i think unity connection. I forget what the new license scheme is called but if this is what your going with then your probably have to have every one licensed to use it.

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Re: Confused with needed license to use Presence.

Hi Guys,

Matt is correct here :)The new Cisco Unified Workplace Licensing does cover both aspects (Presence and CCM) along with some others.

You would need the "Professional Edition" for the minimum 250 users and "Standard" for the others.

Q. What Cisco Unified Communications products are included in Unified Workspace Licensing?

A. Unified Workspace Licensing is available in two versions, Standard Edition and Professional Edition.

• Standard Edition includes a per-user license for the following: any model of Cisco IP phone, a Cisco Unity® or Cisco Unity Connection voice mailbox, a Cisco Unified Presence server, a Cisco Unified Mobility application, and a Unified Communications client (user's choice of Cisco IP Communicator, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, or Cisco Unified Video Advantage).

** Professional Edition includes everything in Standard Edition plus support for an unlimited number of Cisco IP phones per user, one Cisco Unity unified messaging mailbox per user, one Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator per user, and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace or Unified MeetingPlace Express audio, video, and Web conferencing.

I'm not sure about the size of this deployment so be careful with this caveat;

"There is a minimum quantity of 250 licenses for all new Unified Workspace Licensing orders."

From this good Q&A doc;

Hope this helps!



Re: Confused with needed license to use Presence.

Thanks for clearing up the details there rob.



Re: Confused with needed license to use Presence.

5 points for Matt and Rob for mentioning CUWL. I should have mentioned it, but I was hoping it wouldn't catch on :)

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Re: Confused with needed license to use Presence.

I am not sure, but I dont think you can mix and match CUWL licensing; Pro and Standard. Also remember you need to purchase a 3 year UCSS contract for each CUWL license. Finally, Cisco reduced the minimum quantity to 100 - down from 250

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