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Connect Siedle intercom to CUCM (Voice, Video, Opening door)

Hi Guys,

I have some questions about the connection between a Siedle intecom and CUCM / Cisco desktop phones.

I have only found two topics about Siedle intercom and CUCM, So it should be possible to connect those intercomes to a CUCM?

Do you guys have any experience with this?

As I have read the documentation on the Siedle website, they can communicate with a telephone system that understands SIP and they are IP based.


  1. Is it really possible to connect a Siedle intercom to CUCM 8.6 / 9 (when released)
  2. If yes, do you need any extra hardware to get connection between the Intercom and CUCM. 5 Extra hardware as a Gateway or something else?
  3. Have any of you got experience with this? If yes, Is it easy to setup or configure ?
  4. Can you show the Video of the Intercom on the IP phone of one/more person(s)?
  5. Importants of all, can you open the door with a single hit on the button (# on a phone for example)

Currently we have an other intercom which we connect to our gateways and phone, but we don't have audio or video. The onlything we can do now is just opening the door. Siedle seems to be an interresting intercom to couple on our Cisco CUCM infrastructure.

Kind Regards,


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