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Connecting CUCM home lab to PSTN


I have CUCM 7.x running under VMWare in my home lab. I am looking for advice on connecting it to the PSTN as cheaply as I can.

I have one analog telephone line which is also used to deliver broadband via ADSL.

My broadband router is a fairly ancient NetGear unit (so old it only supports 802.11b) which I would be willing to replace if an alternative router could act as a SIP gateway (I do not know of any that can do this) but do not want to spend more than $200.

I think my options are:

  1. Some sort of broadband router that can act as a SIP gateway.
  2. An Ethernet to FXO gateway.
  3. Run an Asterix box as a gateway between CUCM and a SIP trunk.

Any suggestions for hardware etc. for the above options (or others not listed) would be most welcome.

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Re: Connecting CUCM home lab to PSTN

Dude I just got my home lab working. I'm running CUCM 7x... email me and i'll fill you in on what you need. I'll tell you all my experiences with my lab.

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