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Connecting Vonage service to a cisco router


I have a vonage dial tone that connect to a fxo port on a cisco(2821). The cisco router connect to a remote 2621XM and a NEC PBX. Ihave programed a dial dial that allow a remote user to dial a code for Ex123 to pull a dial tone from the Vonage adapter and dial out. The problem I am facing is Capacity. Since I can only get 4 FXO per card I need a large amount of FXO ports 50 in order to provide this service to remote offices worldwide in my company. I tried to experiment with an FXS ports since I can order the 12 ports module and I found the minute I plug the Vonage Analog port to the FXS ports it goes offhook and if you issue the show voice call, it shows in park mode. Is ther a solution where I can use the FXS ports instaed the FXO ports. Any Configuration hints will be great. Any Technology Advise on this type of setup will be gratly appreciated.


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Re: Connecting Vonage service to a cisco router


it is complicated and expensive to put so many FXO ports in the router. At some point you would be better using an external channel-bank (also expensive) to produce a larger density.

On the other hand, vonage offers a business plus plan that lets you connect over the net with SIP - that would require zero additional hardware on your side.

The analog vonage service is not apt to scale well and I think you may have more trouble that success doing that will all the FXO ports.

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Re: Connecting Vonage service to a cisco router

I have talked to Vonage and nobody mentioned the SIP availiablity, just the analog solution. How does this work? do you connect a callmanager on th enet back to them?. In the mean time I will have to search for a solution to my problem.

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Re: Connecting Vonage service to a cisco router


this is the business plus service:

it also avaialbe from other resellers, just search. It uses SIP so you would just place one router interface on the internet, and place calls. You may need an IP-to-IP images on the 2811 to do this, on the other hand, if the 2600XM has an internet connection, it could place the calls directly as well.

However, for testing also a "vonage softphone account" should work, altough I think it wold not let you place multiple calls.

As I said, it would be very expensive to equip a cisco routers with that many FXO ports, contact your reseller and verify yourself.

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