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Connection PLAR on FXS port


I am trying to configure a PLAR connection for a analog station port door phone that I have.  The problem I'm having is that sometimes, when the analog devices is pressed, the call goes to the right plar extension (extension 202), and at other times, it just rings some number.  No phones will ring but the analog door phone will receive a ringing sound like it's trying to ring an extension, but it just rings forever without ringing any single phone!

Here's my configuration for the analog port:

voice-port 0/0/2
no supervisory disconnect lcfo
timeouts call-disconnect 0
timeouts ringing infinity
timeouts power-denial 1200
connection plar 202
station-id number 302
caller-id enable

The configuration for the dial-peer:

dial-peer voice 3 pots
destination-pattern 303
port 0/0/2

This boggles my mind!  It's like the phone is ringing some phantom extension!  Has anyone ever had this issue?  This also happens with I hook up an analog telephone to the port (just to rule out the doorphone).

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Re: Connection PLAR on FXS port

Are the other extensions also FXS.

This maybe a cable issue, crosstalk,  the ring signal is high voltage.

-- j

Re: Connection PLAR on FXS port


Please try to get the follow debugs when the issue occuers:

Debug vpm signal

Debug voice ccapi

To know why the calls are not ringing in the proper destination.


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Walter Solano

CCVP, Cisco UCCX Specialist

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Re: Connection PLAR on FXS port

Sorry everyone!

I just realized what the issue was.  I started using CCA to program just to see how CCA really worked ( I normally program everything by command line ).  This is a test box so I had just deleted the configuration prior to programming with CCA.  I realized that CCA somehow ended up adding 2 of the same extensions (202).  There were 2 ephone-dn's with the same number.   I deleted the second ephone-dn and then everything started working fine!

Thanks to everyone who replied!  Much appreciated!

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