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Constraining extension mobility

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I have five hundred 7942 phones all of the with extension mobility service bound and enabled. The five hundred phones are distributed among 5 different departments. I need to constrain extension  mobility within each department to avoid users from one department to login into a phone from another department and make calls. Is there a way to achieve this requirement? My CUCM version is 9.1.

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There's only 2 ways I can

There's only 2 ways I can think of.


1. Separate clusters

2. Build your own IP Phone service that front ends the extension mobility service that will disallow the users from logging into another department's phones.


What is the reason they want it set up this way?  Maybe we can find another way to avoid whatever potential scenario they're worried about.

Thanks for answering Brian,I

Thanks for answering Brian,

I was trying to avoid any of the two options you described.

The reason is billiing, each department is charged by phone, by extensión and also by call. I know it sound like crazy but it is what it is.  The problem is that user from department -let say- A is able to log into a phone of department B then call is charged to B instead of A. 

I tested disabling multiple logins, but this did not solve the problem.

How are you pulling the

How are you pulling the billing data?  It should show user A's extension so the billing could be associated to the correct department that way.  Does each department go out a different circuit or something?


You could put in a feature enhancement request through your account team to possibly have this feature added in a future release if you can make enough of a business case for it.  It may still take a long time before it gets added to CUCM though.


Really dude, you need to sort

Really dude, you need to sort your billing out instead.


configure all your phones with extension mobility and phones that have no profile logged in, for instance only allow internal and emergency calls.


once the people are logged in, they overlay the phone with the extension that belongs to their profile and will have consequent billing based on the extension, not based on the physical phone.

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