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Continuous unanswerable ring from forwarded 7941.

In a small office with about 15 CISCO IP phones we have a persistent problem when forwarding calls from a 7941 desk phone to another.  Some (perhaps 5-10%) forwarded calls result in the destination phone ringing continuously - the call cannot be answered by picking up the handset or with the speaker.  The phone will stop ringing after several minutes, otherwise it must be disconnected and reset to stop the ring.  Callers that experience this are not sent to voicemail.

Does anyone recognize this symptom and/or know what could be causing it?

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Continuous unanswerable ring from forwarded 7941.

1. Which is the destination phone model & the firmware version loaded in it ?

2. Do you mean this issue occurs only if the call is forwarded by a user using 7941 & not other phone models ?

3. What is the CUCM/CME version ?


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Re: Continuous unanswerable ring from forwarded 7941.

Thanks for the quick reply.  I'm not the administrator of this system, just a user, so I'm trying to get our IT involved to answer some questions.  What I do know:

1. Both the forwarding and destination phones are CISCO CP-7941G.  The phone shows LOAD FILE: SCCP41.8-3-3S and BootLoadID: 7941G_64-02070631Amd64megRel.bin

2. Yes, this issue is occuring when any of the phones in our office is forwarded to another phone in the same office.  This occurs if the forwarded-to number is just the extension number, and also occurs if the forwarded-to number is the full destination phone number including  9+area code.

3.  I am checking on this.  I do not seem to have access to CME.  I will check on this and post the info when I get it.


Continuous unanswerable ring from forwarded 7941.


Thanks for all the details. In future too, as a better practice please involve such details in main issue description for quicker resolution/responses.

Now, let's start with basic step of upgrading the phone firmware to the latest available firmware version. Presently the firmware version is 8.3.3 & I am sure 9.x version is already out for all phone models including your's i.e. 7941.

As I type this message, the Software Download Center seems to be unaccessible ( perhaps undergoing some maintenance ), therefore I am unable to give you the exact link from where you can download the latest 9.x firmware.

Once the firmware is updated to 9.x or whichever is latest, we should definitely see some change ( probably fix ).


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Continuous unanswerable ring from forwarded 7941.


For question 3:

CUCME OS Description: Cisco IOS C2800NM


Software Version: 12.4(22)T / CME 7.0(1)



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