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Convert UDP device profiles to Devices

What is the best approach to covert UDP profiles to hardware devices? short of exporting the UDPs and plug them into the BAT sheet? Do you know of any third party tools that can do this?

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Convert UDP device profiles to Devices


I have done this in the past. A UDP is basically a subset of the properties a phone has, so I used that fact to create a BAT 'all details' import based on some exported files. In my scenario we had a system where all users were UDPs/EM users, and we wanted to migrate them to a new system where real people would be EM users, and any non-people (e.g. corridor phones, meeting rooms etc) would become normal non-EM phone devices.

Basically I wrote some simple code that took an export of UDPs (all details), an export of physical phones (all details), and some exports from the 'extensionmobilitydynamic' table containing a list of users/profiles and the device they were currently logged into.

I ran a series of those exports from the extensionmobilitydynamic over a month and merged them to create a list of profiles that were permanently logged in throughout the month. We then removed rows that were 'real' people (in this case real people had 8-digit user IDs, and non-real people had shorter lengths so it was pretty easy)

My bit of code basically took the export of phones, and then for each line in the list of users/profiles to phones it found the UDP in the UDP export, and took each value from that UDP and replaced the equivalent values found in the phone export.

I've no idea if there are off the shelf solutions...


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