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Converting and uploading ringtones

Hello All,

I am trying to convert and upload a ringtone into CUCM v8.0(2) with no luck at present - I have a few issues:

I first converted a .wav to a .raw, uploaded it to the TFTP server, modified the Ringlist.xml and restarted TFTP clusterwide. Once I did this the ringtone was not available on a 7941 phone but was available on my IP Communicator (why only on IP Comm??) - unfortunately when trying to play the converted ringtone it was pure noise/static.

reconverted the .wav to .raw again and followed the same process as per Cisco doc - The Ringlist.xml file is correct but now we cannot see the ringtone available on either 794x phones and IP Communicator??

1) What is the best audio conversion tool that works well in converting .wav to .raw properly for use in CUCM?

2) Why can we not see the ringtone available if it has been loaded to the TFTP and the ringlist file has been properly modified?

Cisco Employee

Re: Converting and uploading ringtones

The easiest way I have found to do this is to use Cisco Phone Designer (LINK) to convert the file.

To convert:

--> Install Phone Designer

--> Launch Phone Designer

--> Click on Ringtone

     --> Import

     --> Select the .wav file you want to import and click select

     --> On the next screen you can edit the file, when you have it edited click save

--> Here is the path where you can find the raw file that has been created, in Windows XP. Phone Designer not yet supported for 64-bit versions of Windows

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Cisco\Cisco Unified Phone Application\Data\Ringtone

After converting the files you will need to upload the files to each CUCM server in your cluster (OS Admin --> TFTP File Managerment --> Upload *directory will be /).

RingList info:

Ringlist.xml is case sensitive

Here is the format for the RingList.xml everything in this file is case sensitive as well.

        Analog Synth 1

        Analog Synth 2

Make sure to upload the RingList.xml (OS Admin --> TFTP File Managerment --> Upload *directory will be /) to all servers in the cluster, and to restart the tftp service on all servers after upload.

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