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Converting CUE from CME to CUCM



I have an IP Telephony setup  with 3 CME in differnt location with 3 CUE which currently running.Now client has planning for an upgrade for Multi site with centralized  call processing deployment model.


That means one CME will convert to CUCM, and will keep the the other 2 CME as SRST Gateway.So there will be one CUCM + Gateway in HQ and other 2 sites will be SRST Gateway.


My doubt is


1. How I can convert the CUE License in each locations from CME to CUCM.What is the configuration for converting this?.Do I need erase the configuration for AA and Voice mails for the CUE in each location and start as s fresh installation ?


2. )Is it possible to use 3 CUE (2 of them are over the wan) with one CUCM?if Yes..How?


Thanks in advance....


Nithin Louis.

Cisco Employee

You need to change the

You need to change the license running on the CUE to the CCM license. This will allow the CTI ports on CUCM to register with the CUE IP address. (e.g. cue-vm-license_250mbx_ccm_7.0.6.pkg)

Install the ccm license using ftp, and reload the CUE module.

Then run the show ccn status ccm-manager and show call-agent.

The call-agent should now be changed to CCM. 

Remember that you'll need to configure jtapi subsystem and triggers as well corresponding to the CTI ports on CUCM.


Yes you can use the 3 CUE with CUCM. Just configure a different VM pilot number, and different set of CTI ports for each of them. Then assign the respective VM profile to the sets of phones belonging to the corresponding branch.

e.g. 1000 pilot, 1001-3 CTI ports for Site B

2000 pilot, 2001-3 CTI ports for Site C

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Hi , Thanks for your response

Hi ,


Thanks for your response.

Please let me know after installing  the ccm license using ftp, and reload the CUE module will all the existing configuration erase  from the CUE module?





Hello 1- You need to order



1- You need to order CUCM licenses , kindly check the below link

A- Get the correct licenses based on your design "no.of Mailboxes , no.of IVR ports , etc..".

B-Download the correct licenses then put on ftp , then use copy the new liceses from FTP to your CUE module.

C-Just change the Jtapi as the below

ccn subsystem jtapi
 ctiport 28001 28002 28003 28004 
 ccm-manager address x.x.x.x y.y.y.y   / x.x.x.x and y.y.y.y Ip addresses of CUCMs of your cluster/
 ccm-manager credentials

D- For CUCM configuration , find the below:-

E- Yes , you can use different AA on one CUCM , with different CUEs. Just go to CTI Route Point on CUCM and configure 3 X CTI RP which match three AA of CUEs.



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