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CoR on CME based on incoming dial-peer

I am trying to prevent a loop scenario. We have a SIP trunk to a Service provider and trying block the calls going out on SIP trunk if we received the call from that trunk. Some thing similar to CallManager config where CSS of trunk wouldn't have the partition of RP pointing to that trunk.

Second question can we block the calls if they do not have certain preceding digit.some thing like we only route the call if digits start with 408

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Re: CoR on CME based on incoming dial-peer

What is it about your Dial Plan that is causing the loop? You might just be able to fix that.

As far as your question goes, you can either use COR by assigning inbound COR on the dial-peer matching LEC calls, as well as outbound COR on that dial-peer (inbound COR shouldn't contain items in the outbound COR). You could also just add a special prefix to calls coming in from the LEC, and force those not to go back to that dial-peer.

Yes, you can also block the calls based on ANI or DNIS.

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Re: CoR on CME based on incoming dial-peer


do you have an ip-to-ip image with connection allow sip to sip ?

Unless you've that, call will not go out via same sip trunk.

To block certain incoming calls in SIP, configure a voip DP with incoming-called number as need. On it, you set call-block and the desired parameters.

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