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Coresident IPCC Express 3.1(2) & CCM 3.3.3 upgradation on different server

One of our customer running ipcc express setup on coresident server

IPCCx 3.1.2 and CCM 3.3.3 sr3.

HRSDB on seperate server.

We are planning to fresh installation of the CCM to 4.1.3 on the same 7835 server with same ip and

IPCCx to 4.0.4 on different server with different ip.

my question is

1. Does IPCCx 3.1.2 license works out with the new version of ipccx 4.0.4.

2. Does 3.1.2 & 3.3.3 BARS backup works with new servers for restore.

3. How to do HRSDB Setup, without loosing database,

4. do i get historical reporting of last one year after running new setup.

Please provide me if any body have details.


Re: Coresident IPCC Express 3.1(2) & CCM 3.3.3 upgradation on di


IPCCX 3.1(2) is not compatible with CCM 4.1(3). take a look to the Compatibility Guide of IPCC Express in this URL:

For BARS to restore a copy of CallManager or IPCC Express you need to install the same version of the software to work and use the same IP Address, so you can not use BARS to restore a backup made in 3.3(3) or IPCCX 3.1(2) in version 4, for example. You can try an upgrade of the current server and make a backup with BARS.

If you are going to upgrade IPCCX in a new box, I think that the better solution is to open a TAC case to get a procedure to do it, because you can not use BARS due the new server has a different IP Address. You will have to install a frsh IPCCX copy in the new server, use the same repositoy files in the CallManager Directory and restore the SQL Server IPCCX databases in the new server.

I think that the same process apply to HRSDB.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

New Member

Re: Coresident IPCC Express 3.1(2) & CCM 3.3.3 upgradation on di

Thanks for quick response Juan,

I know 3.1.2 is not compatible with ccm 4.1.3, i have gone through the compatible matrix for ipccx,

We have plan of upgradation of ccm 4.1.3 & IPCCx 4.0.4.

Is any body have answer for these questions.

1. existing ipccx 3.1.2 license works with IPCCx 4.0.4 ?

2. I have plan of fresh ccm installation on existing 3.3.3 ccm server, do i need to take any sql backup works for my new 4.1.3 ccm.

if we leave BARS backup (when its not compatible from 3.3(3) to 4.1(3).

3. If i take HRSDB database backup from old 3.1(2) HRSDB Server from SQL backup and put on IPCC Express 4.0.4 server database do i get my old Historical Reporting working.


Re: Coresident IPCC Express 3.1(2) & CCM 3.3.3 upgradation on di


Existing IPCCX 3.1(2) license doesn?t work wit 4.0(4). You hav eto order un upgrade.

Regarding the second and third question, you won't get your historical reports because the Database Schema is different and the data base schema is different in versi?n 3.1 and 4.X. Try to contact TAC to get un upgrade process for this.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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