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Corporate Directory access Issue in cisco 7911 phone

There is an issue to access  the corporate directory from cisco 7911 phones. I have two types on phone, 7940 and 7911. In 7940 ,corporate directory is working properly but in 7911 it is not comming. It is showing an Error.

Is any extra configuration is required in cucm for corporate directory accees from 7911.

Please suggest.



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Re: Corporate Directory access Issue in cisco 7911 phone

I removed the Application:Cisco/CorporateDirectory and replaced it with http://X.X.X.X:8080/ccmcip/xmldirectoryinput.jsp (X.X.X.X being the IP Address of the publisher in this case)

Now it is working....

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I have also cisco 7911 phone

I have also cisco 7911 phone.

But I can not display corporate directory.

here is my config related with this :


within phone config file :


X.X.X.X is the ip add of my server.

the ciscodir.php :

header("Content-type: text/xml");
header("Connection: close");
header("Expires: -1");
<Title>My Dir</Title>
<Prompt>A Prompt</Prompt>
<Name>Name Field</Name>
<Name>Name Field2</Name>


When I trace with wireshark I can see that phone gets this file. But When I press "Directories" I can not see those entries on the phone.


I am not sure but this is importan or not : When I press "Directories" I see only missed, received, placed calls and speed dials. I think that getting coporate directory information returns successfull it will displayed also as a new line.

Phone sw : SIP11.8-3-1S

Could you please help me on this please?




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