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Corporate directory: LDAP directory services, corporate directories service or URL directories?

Hello dear community,

I have a question about using the client directories with the communication manager...

I used to use the URL Directory parameter under Enterprise Parameter menu to use the client LDAP (I mean Web script consulting AD or Openldap).

I was disappointed to see that is not working anymore... I have to use LDAP direcory subscribe service or modify Corporate directory service instead...

Why URL directory still present? I cannot make it working...


Would you indicate me the best option?




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Hi Greg, check the phone

Hi Greg,


check the phone services menu on CUCM, makesure the corporate directory available on phone services.




Regards, Habibi
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Hello Yusuf, Thanks for your

Hello Yusuf,


Thanks for your reply, but my question was not about how activate the "corporate directory service", but rather which one to choose? and whay this change of behavior?


In the past I always used a external script and configured my ipphones with the "external directories phone services".

Today I cannot make it working, and my colleagues told me to modify the "corporate directory services" url instead (to point to my script).


Why this change in the design? and why keeping the "external directory services"?


Hope to be clearer!


Have a nice day,


Greg, To use the old



To use the old directory URL, you need to change the Services Provisioning on the phone or on Enterprise Parameters to External.  CUCM now uses internal provisioning by default which allows some Extension Mobility/other phone service high availability.  Now phones configured for internal services provisioning will use whatever node they are registered to for these built-in services by default.  This is an improvement over where you would lose these services before whenever the node you pointed the URL to went down.



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Hello,Thanks for the answer..


Thanks for the answer...

All right, so the old external url directories will disappear ?

I'm pretty sure I have configured the external url directories on the regitering node and nothing appear... i'll try again!




It won't disappear.  It's

It won't disappear.  It's just not used by default anymore.  You can change the Services Provisioning back to External if you want to go back to the old behavior.



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