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Corporate Directory not showing


We have a Call Manager 7.1 Cluster with a Publisher and 3 Subs.

Publisher CCM Serivce is not activated.TFTP Service is ON. No Ldap Integrated.

The phones are registered with Subs1,2 and 3 respectively. When we install new phone it gets auto registered, but when access corporate directory nothing comes up. We are experiancing this problem on all type of cisco model phones we have (eg:99XX, 7975 etc)

In CUCM Enterprise parameters- the URL Directory pointing to IP of Publisher. As said above, is it necessary to CUCM Pub service to be on for the phone corporate directory to be working. If i change the Enterprise parameters IP field to Subscriber will it work?

Advice needed.



New Member

Corporate Directory not showing

Hello Bobby,

User which are entered into the CUCM configuration under end users will be displayed in the corporate directory listing. If users are not configured as end users under user management the corporate directory will be empty. When IP Phones auto-register they do not automatically get entered into the the directory listing.

As far as I am aware you do not necesarily need the Call Manager service running in order to display corporate directory. You do need Cisco IP Phone Services running though.

Best Regards.

New Member

Corporate Directory not showing

Hi Martin,

I think you didnt understand our problem, we have already configured all the endusers, and the corporate directory can be accessed from the old phones, but when we register/autoregister new phones ,the directory is not accesbile from the corporate directory.



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