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Corporate Directory on IP Communicator and 7962

Hi Guys,

We are running CM 4.13 and the Corp Directory works fine on all our 7940s, 7960s and 7970s.. However, whilst the option does appear on our IP Communicators it does not load..

Strangely, it does not produce any error messages, it just flashes up with "Requesting " briefly and then nothing..

I see that there are several threads already regarding problems accessing the Corporate Directory via the Softphone.. However, there does not seem to be a clear resolution for the problem..

Is this likely to be a problem with the softphone being on a different VLAN ( as its loaded on a laptop) to the physical phones ??

Also, does the 7962 phone not support this function either ?..

any advice would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance..



Re: Corporate Directory on IP Communicator and 7962

One possible workaround for this issue is to enable Web Access, either from the IP Phones or from the CallManager Administration page.

In order to enable Web Access from the IP Phones, choose Setting > Network Configuration > Web Access and enable it.

In order to enable it from the Cisco CallManager, choose Administration Page > Device > Phone, choose the phone and enable Web Access from the Product Specific Configuration.

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