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Corporate Directory - Sort Order and Filter

We have one corporate directory sync'd successfully for our Call Manager. However, we have multiple sites that don't need to see each other's corporate directory information. Is there a way that phones in Site A show only directory entries from site A? Could I sync up multiple directories using different Distinguished Names to accomplish this?

Also, the results are sorted by first name, alphabetically. Is there a way to have them sorted by last name, alphabetically?

I found a few other posts on the Corporate Directory, but I wasn't sure they dealt specifically with what I'm trying to do.


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Not natively, perhaps there

Not natively, perhaps there are 3rd party solutions that would allow you to define it to this level, searching this forum for 3rd party corporate directories should yield many good examples.


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Yes Chris is Correct..!! +5We

Yes Chris is Correct..!! +5

We also have used third party solution it will solve your problem.Lots of such vendors are available.. 

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Hello,one possible solution


one possible solution could be to use 2Ring PHONE SERVICES (

It has powerful synchronization options and you can have as many corporate directories as you need. Also users can create their own private directories which are then shared only with selected co-workers.

As for the site directory visibility, it is definitely configurable with this app.

Just follow the link above to get more info.



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Thanks for the help. So

Thanks for the help.


So consensus that this cannot be done natively?

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Definitely not doable

Definitely not doable natively, however Cisco provides SDK that you can use to develop your own corporate directory if you do not want to look at 3rd parties.


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